American Research Group Does Iowa Again

Here are how the past two Iowa polls by American Research Group has stacked up. Hillary Clinton appears to be rolling in the Democratic race. Not only has she jumped 5% but it has been at the expense of Obama who has dropped 6%. It looks like the “lacking experience” blitz against Obama is working… […]

Ads Posted by Romney Produce Comments from the Masses

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In the ads aired by the campaign people for Mitt Romney, both John McCain and Mike Huckabee appear to get the most attention. The ads are written in such a way to provide some positive comments regarding the two yet ultimately question their ability to get the job done. According to the Des Moines Register […]

Barack Obama Now Leads in Pledged Superdelegates

The Democratic primary is increasingly looking like a formality at this point with Barack Obama as the all but certain Democratic nominee. We already know Clinton will win West Virginia but will a win in such a small state have any bearing on the Democratic race, I think not. This primary is all about delegates […]

Clinton Looking to Pull a Repeat of WV in KY

Clinton holds a better than 30% lead among white voters in Kentucky — looking to pull a repeat of West Virginia in Kentucky next week. If electability is of concern to you, Clinton definitely has it in Kentucky. According to the latest poll, she is in a statistical dead heat with John McCain in Kentucky […]

John Edwards’ Endorsement of Barack Obama, Plus a Forgotten Poll

It has been clear for a while now that the white vote in some of the past primaries have been going to Hillary Clinton at about 60% to 40% — raising fears about the electability of Obama in the general election. So today, John Edwards comes out of his shell and endorses Obama in a […]

Interview With Nader Campaign

I just spoke with Chris Driscoll, the media director for the Nader campaign, to discuss the results from my California poll that had Nader at 5%. He explained that the western states have a large independent streak to them and that they are very fond of Nader. Here are some tidbits of what he discussed […]

Obama Now Ahead of McCain in the Electoral Vote Predictor

We were not regular updating the website during the memorial day weekend because there just were not enough polls being conducted. The democratic primary has pretty much come to a halt and then, as a pollster, why would you bother polling on a weekend where a large number of people may be on vacation anyways. […]

California Polling – Bush, Congress, Schwarzenegger Approval Ratings conducted a California statewide poll on May 25, 2008. The most shocking aspect of the poll we conducted was that we found congress only has a 10% approval rating. For a democratic state to have such sentiments of a democratic congress is quite appalling and very telling at the same time. The last poll […]

California Propositions 98 and 99 – Prop 98 Will Fail conducted a California statewide poll on May 25, 2008 with a sample size of 500 voters. We asked voters to tell us whether they supported or opposed the propositions and then asked whether they planned to vote concerning these propositions. A large percentage of voters said that they intend to vote but it is […]

California’s Views on the Issues

Majority of California voters are opposed to the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage. 80% see rising gas prices as a serious problem to them and their families. Nader’s support likely to top out at 8% for California. Tom Hanks is the actor most voters would like to see jump into politics. (He endorsed Obama). […]