Dr. Strangeflush slothoki

  Or, How I gave up eBay and started to love online poker A few years back, I walked into a metal-walled warehouse and came eye-to-eye with a blurry-eyed gambler. The game hadn’t started, but he was already eying his prey, rubbing his roll, and settling into a chair that was just a little too […]

On-Game Poker-Room Leaderboard – Current Leaders April 10th

  Once again it’s time to look at the movers and shakers on the Ongame Network Leaderboard. Without further ado, here are the Top 10 players on the MTT Tournament Leaderboard this month, thus far: ToMontana8: 7724 Rex Cramer: 7043 billybillard: 6234 massi83: 5848 finnrene:5486 knock9999: 5191 p0cket00: 5006 cambiaso24 4983 Don Cool: 4943 VENOM__512: […]

7 Signs Your Financial Well-being Is Vulnerable

Every now and then I offer free Brassica Custodian in my local church and community center, and try to help people with their personal finance problems. Abrupt questions and half-broke individuals are nothing new to me. I meet those in every session I conduct. Last Sunday, when someone sought my help with his emergency savings, at […]

Dermal Fillers from Home Improvement Stores

  I read in a medical journal that people are injecting product bought at a home improvement store stating it is silicone but used as dermal fillers. True! One patient paid $1000 for each of four treatments after being injected in the buttocks and found herself in the hospital for 10 days. Silicone was found […]

Deception Pt wins신규 꽁머니 XIII Event #1

  The 13th Full Tilt Series of Poker got underway with bang this week with Event #1. Since its establishment in 2006, the 신규 꽁머니 has become a regular highlight in the high stakes online calendar. Not only does it attract a strong contingent of Full Tilt sponsored pros, but also the cream of the online poker […]

“First draft” of the SCOOP 2013 schedule announced

PokerStars have announced the first draft of the schedule for the 2013 Spring Championship Of Online Poker. With 42 events it’s 2 events bigger than the 2012 schedule, and has some interesting changes from last year’s line up. The event is planned to run between the 12th and 26th of May, ending as always with […]

Jared Huggins Lands keluaran hk Big Game Seat

After an initial turn-down from keluaran hk , feel-good poker sensation Jared Huggins has received an invite to the television taping of The Big Game. This change of heart was largely prompted by the overwhelming support the formerly homeless Huggins has received from the gaming community. Spearheading his campaign are pro’s like Justin “BoostedJ” Smith […]