In the ads aired by the campaign people for Mitt Romney, both John McCain and Mike Huckabee appear to get the most attention. The ads are written in such a way to provide some positive comments regarding the two yet ultimately question their ability to get the job done. According to the Des Moines Register polls and Zogby polls listed on, the race for the Republican win in Iowa might just be between these three individuals which make the ads even that much more interesting to Republican voters.

The Gist of the Ads

There are a few different advertisements produced by Romney which are gaining attention. The first is one being run in New Hampshire and details information about Senator John McCain. Romney compliments the Senator on his honesty but then questions his ability to produce results in the end should he be the Republican nominee. The ad then goes on to describe how McCain voted with regard to illegal immigrants and then details how Romney feels about the situation.

Another ad recently released by the Romney campaign has Mike Huckabee as its target. It too states that Huckabee is a good man but states he is soft on the matters important to the voting public. It alludes that Romney would be the man to make the tough decisions and the better of the two candidates.

The Public Should View the Information and Then Decide for Themselves

Ads are beneficial as they provide information to the general voting public. However, it is at this point where the voters must decide for themselves which to believe and which to disregard. There is no harm in Romney putting his information forward and leaving the rest up to the voters.