Here are how the past two Iowa polls by American Research Group has stacked up.

Hillary Clinton appears to be rolling in the Democratic race. Not only has she jumped 5% but it has been at the expense of Obama who has dropped 6%.

It looks like the “lacking experience” blitz against Obama is working… well either that or this is just a statistical blimp in the polling radar but no matter what you think or where your allegiance lies, Clinton is holding a 14% lead in this poll and that is very major.

Democratic Candidate IA IA
12/20-12/23 12/16-12/19
Hillary Clinton 34% 29%
Barack Obama 19% 25%
John Edwards 20% 18%
Joe Biden 8% 8%
Bill Richardson 5% 7%
Chris Dodd 2% 3%
Dennis Kucinich 2% 2%
Other(vol.) 10% 8%

There are three items here that I would like to point out that just stick out like a sore thumb. First of all, Thompson is sitting at just 3% in this poll. Strategic Vision had him in a strong 3rd place finish with 16% with a middle date of just a week ago.

The other item to note is the fact that Huckabee may be dropping a bit at least in comparison to Mitt Romney. He held an 11% lead that has dwindled to just 2% a statistical tie.

The third item to note is the fact that Ron Paul is at 10% That is major news when considering Paul is putting most of his eggs on a good performance in New Hampshire. But I believe he has got to do well in Iowa for Independents in New Hampshire to come out in droves for him. If Hillary really wins Iowa in as convincing of fashion as it appears she may, those Independents may flock to the Republican race and cast a vote for candidates like McCain and Paul.

Republican Candidate IA IA
12/20-12/23 12/16-12/19
Rudy Giuliani 14% 13%
John McCain 17% 20%
Fred Thompson 3% 5%
Mitt Romney 21% 17%
Mike Huckabee 23% 28%
Ron Paul 10% 4%
Duncan Hunter 2%
Alan Keyes 2% 1%
Other(vol.) 8% 11%