Excessive breast development can cause significant physiological and psychological distress. A woman may feel self-conscious about the large size of her breasts and feel that they are an impediment to her ability to perform her job, exercise, or to wear certain fashions. The weight of the enlarged breasts may cause significant neck and back pain […]

Basic 8g88 Concepts

This section is meant to be a “jump-start” of sorts for the beginning player. The strategy items that follow are very general and apply to any 8g88 game you play. For more detailed strategies sorted by game, view the sections on Texas Holdem Strategy and 7 Card Stud Strategy. Online Poker Tells Several of the […]

Welcome To The Particular Playing Capital Of The World

  Macau is definitely an exclusive place, blending design by previous Portuguese has a bearing on in order to modern-day skyscrapers. It is just a blend of the older and the latest and this works effectively. Not really only this but Macau is one of these world’s largest centers intended for gambling winning369.win and if […]

Gia Giudice Reality Show: Actually, Disturbingly Coming Soon

  In case you needed more evidence that Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice were the worst parents in Hollywood the world… Insiders have confirmed to E! News that a reality star centering on 13-year old Gia Giudice is actually in the works. “It will be all about her group, 3KT. They’ve been filming already for […]

Go further & the revolution Slot Gampang Menang

Slot Gampang Menang

  Opening night for SXSW film for me was spent watching the two documentaries at the Paramount, Go Further and The Revolution Will Not Be Televised. Wow! What challenging films to start the festival with. Both of them ran counter to what I consider a good documentary — find a group of interesting subjects, and […]


  Floptober has seen a lot of players take home a nice little bonus, but for one player in particular it has been an up and down month. sanghoki first came to my attention when his pocket 7’s got tangled with a pair of pocket queens that matured to quads. To quote myself: If a preflop […]

A bit on Jay Greenspan rtp online

  The halls surrounding the WSOP Amazon Ballroom were teeming with so many bad beat stories, if each one of the story tellers had paid his dollar, I could’ve bought my way into the main event. I tried not to stay in the hallways for too long, lest I start believing that poker was just […]

Online Agents “The Workshop”

Automation for real estate

  This week was my first “online agents” workshop. Without a doubt it was a great success. The sales team at Dethridge Groves Automation for real estate in Fremantle, Western Australia was a fantastic and very interactive audience. The workshop gave the real estate agents first hand instructions on how to set up, maintain and optimize […]

sbo Bad Poker

  So you’ve climbed the mountain, scraped and bruised, in search of the ultimate answer. You’ve searched 10,000 blogs in search of the ONE. Where is the mighty mind of sbo poker Utopia? Where is the Oracle of the Blessed Flop? Where is the one person who has a clear unbiased mind? Here it is baybee….and […]

Dr. Strangeflush slothoki

  Or, How I gave up eBay and started to love online poker A few years back, I walked into a metal-walled warehouse and came eye-to-eye with a blurry-eyed gambler. The game hadn’t started, but he was already eying his prey, rubbing his roll, and settling into a chair that was just a little too […]