conducted a California statewide poll on May 25, 2008.

The most shocking aspect of the poll we conducted was that we found congress only has a 10% approval rating. For a democratic state to have such sentiments of a democratic congress is quite appalling and very telling at the same time.

The last poll we saw of the potential 2010 senate race between Schwarzenegger and Boxer showed a dead heat between the two (Field Poll: October 2007). In our poll, we have an overwhelming victory for Boxer (over double digits). The majority of other pollsters who have polled Boxers’ approval ratings had her in the low to mid-40s range.

What is your opinion on the job Arnold Schwarzenegger is doing as governor?
Favorable: 34%
Unfavorable: 46%
Neutral: 21%

What is your opinion on the job George Bush is doing as president?
Favorable: 25%
Unfavorable: 63%
Neutral: 12%

What is your opinion on the job Congress is doing?
Favorable: 10%
Unfavorable: 72%
Neutral: 18%

Schwarzenegger for Senate
There is speculation that Arnold Schwarzenegger will challenge Barbara Boxer for her Senate seat in 2010. In this election
Schwarzenegger: 43%
Boxer: 54%
Unsure: 4%