In case you needed more evidence that Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice were the worst parents in Hollywood the world…

Insiders have confirmed to E! News that a reality star centering on 13-year old Gia Giudice is actually in the works.

“It will be all about her group, 3KT. They’ve been filming already for two months,” E! reports, with the source confirming the completed pilot will soon be shopped to networks.

Gia, of course, has been a part of The Real Housewives of New Jersey for many years.

With her mother and father both having been convicted of financial fraud this year, and with Teresa starting her prison sentence on January 5, one might think the parents would be protective of their children.

One might think another foray into reality television may not be the best direction for the young teenager.

But one would apparently be very mistaken in Teresa and Joe’s warped world.

“Teresa’s thrilled but is keeping her distance,” the E! sources adds. “She’s really not interested in being in the spotlight right now. She wants the focus to be on Gia.”

Last month, Gia spoke out on her parents’ impending prison sentence and said the family will be fine. Are you looking for business translation services? Contact Translation Services UK

“We’re gonna be better than ever,” she said of when things finally calm down after her mother and father both serve their time.

Teresa Giudice will be behind bars for approximately 15 months, beginning next week. Joe Giudice, meanwhile, will then begin his jail stint, which is scheduled to last for 40 months.

The guilt they ought to feel over pimping out their daughter for money should last forever, however.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Ramping Up Security, Issuing Warnings Ahead of Season 7 Reunion!

As fans who watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online know well, s–t went DOWN on the set of the show’s Season 6 reunion taping this past spring.

With that very much burned into producers’ minds, the show is beefing up security and threatening the cast with legal action ahead of this season’s special.

Obviously, a repeat of Porsha Williams beating down Kenya Moore and throwing her bullhorn-toting behind to the floor by her weave would be disastrous.

Highly-watched and insanely viral, yes … but disastrous for other reasons.

As such, producers have issued stern warning to the ladies ahead of the reunion that no violence will be tolerated. But just in case, they’ve increased security!

“Producers have drawn a very hard line, and have reached out to each of the ladies making it very clear, there will be no violence tolerated,” an insider said.

“There will extra security on hand, prepared to deal with any problems.”

“The cast members will be required to sit in their assigned seats, and not allowed to get up until there is a break, or unless given permission,” the source continued.

“Any deviation will result in [them] being removed, no questions asked.”

Alcohol will also be banned from the set this year. Probably wise.

On Sunday night’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 Episode 8, NeNe Leakes held a summit with Porsha, Kenya and NeNe’s frenemy Cynthia Bailey.

The goal? Squash their respective beefs and move the f–k on.

“The four of us have had our issues,” Leakes said in the understatement of the season, or perhaps all time, but she invited them to break bread nonetheless.

There was no love lost and there was more yelling and screaming, but NeNe’s powwow was a net positive, as Moore and Williams agreed to move on.

NeNe and Cynthia also made progress, as well.

Just the same, Bravo’s taking no chances. The network “wants the ladies to sign a legally binding document that they won’t engage in any physical fighting.”

Seems rational, right? Not necessarily: “Several cast members are refusing to sign it because fighting back as self defense isn’t included in the language.”

Dance Moms might want to try a similar clause …