I just spoke with Chris Driscoll, the media director for the Nader campaign, to discuss the results from my California poll that had Nader at 5%.

He explained that the western states have a large independent streak to them and that they are very fond of Nader. Here are some tidbits of what he discussed in our

As per the future, he said:

Driscoll continued on to state, “he polls pretty well in all categories, registered Democrats, registered Republicans, registered Indpendents… because of his hardcore good government policies… [that are appealing to both the] left and right spectrum”.

Having spoken with him, I have decided to create a poll that asks folks whether they’d vote for Nader if they thought he had a chance of winning. There’d definitely be a lot of overlap with him and the Obama voters so there’d have to be a way to gauge Nader’s true level of support. I considered asking Obama voters whether they’d change their vote to Nader if they thought he had a chance of winning (and same with McCain voters)… that would achieve a true estimation of what Nader could/should get in an environment that shuts out third party candidates.