This week was my first “online agents” workshop. Without a doubt it was a great success.

The sales team at Dethridge Groves Automation for real estate in Fremantle, Western Australia was a fantastic and very interactive audience. The workshop gave the real estate agents first hand instructions on how to set up, maintain and optimize their blogs.

Blogs are a great, free resource which real estate agents can utilize to promote their own online presence. It is especially critical that real estate agents post details about them selves, their industry and their region on the internet to capture the next generation of real estate vendors.

A big thank you to Hayden Groves for the opportunity to present to his team. Time is precious and I am very happy that the team at Dethridge Groves in Fremantle, Western Australia found value in the Online Agents Workshop.

Real Estate Directory

Real estate directory of agents, home inspectors and appraisal services and more. Find real estate listings, realtors, mortgage rates, home loans, and home buying help.

Link Suggestion

Try the following site for a free link exchange. It’s a USA based service, however it is relevant to Real Estate and has a section for Overseas and Australia.

Search engines will rank your website according to it’s popularity. As the search engine spiders crawl through the billions of websites they record every link. Every time they find a link to your site they will use it to increase your popularity.

Your website will become more popular when you have other websites linking to it. If a well ranked website links back to your site it will increase your popularity even further.

It is important that you exchange links with sites who share the same relevance as yours. for example, other real estate agencies (obviously not agents in your direct area), tourist operators, community groups, sporting groups which are based in your area or region are also link exchange candidates.

Keywords – Print v Online

I start with the topic of “Keywords” for a reason. When used correctly. Keywords are what users will find your site with on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Live. Rarely are they used correctly by real estate agents.

Traditionally in print marketing we used keywords such as “Wow” “Location, Location, Location” and “Sensational views” These keywords are used to capture the buyers attention. Difference being, they have already bought the newspaper and have already turned to the relevant real estate classifieds section to pursue their research. When online the buyer must first find what they are looking for before we can draw their attention to features.

With this in mind we look at being more descriptive than the keywords we used in our print marketing. For example, instead of “location, location, location” we could use “Located in Como near South Perth” Instead of “sensational views” we could use “views of the swan river and the perth city skyline”.