There is speculation whether the success of aplikasi live can be copied and promoted all over the world. One wonders whether it would be successful in translated into languages as different as Chinese, Russian and Arabic. WPT Enterprises believes that it can be done. The negotiations for Canada and Philippines have been frozen. WPTE is setting an outlet at MIPCOM (Booth Number: R37.13) asking for offers in order to launch its branded format all around the world. As per this, in the US there will be 16 tournaments that will be open for pros, amateurs and celebrities. These will be brought together and the game broadcast with a mix of expert commentary, engaging graphics etc. 16 Cameras will be used along with top flight production values and a great script. Steve Lipscomb, CEO and founder of WPT Enterprises believes that the organization has a proven format and an established brand name.

The WORLD POKER TOUR introduced table-top cameras to reveal hole cards on U.S. television, which in turn ignited the world-wide passion for poker. Strategic alliances to create regional tours of World Poker Tour series will benefit from solid groundwork already established, and a blueprint for a success.

TripleJack Poker launches a Family-Friendly site, With Safety Censors and Features

A family-friendly poker site is reported to have been launched at It has free poker games. In the beta testing phase itself, it has attracted a huge player base of 3000 members. TripleJack poker is compatible with any web browser. This site adds social components to the game, has chat facilities. Besides, there is a forum through which players can talk about poker. This site is specially designed to attract younger poker players. In keeping with this, there is a sensor on it that switches offensive words and puts humorous substitutes instead. It ensures that all the communications are safe for children.

On the fun side of things, players have the option of tossing a pie, tomato, anvil or water balloon at other players after winning a hand. representative Joel Comm noted that “Poker sites online are dime a dozen, but TripleJack is a breath of fresh air in a stale market.”

A Poker Event Where Players Fly About in Planes and Pick Cards at Airports

Marie Donovan is the organizer of the Coyote Country chapter of The Ninety-Nines’ 14th Poker Run on Saturday. This will not be poker in the conservative sense. There won’t be any strategy involved and no betting. Players won’t be seated about a green table, instead they will sail through the sky. 40 planes will be zooming across, stopping for a short while at a few area airports. At each airport, the pilot will be picking up one playing card. The number of playing cards will depend upon the playing hands bought at the first airport. Poker hands cost $3. Pilots from San Diego area, the Inland Empire and the Los Angeles basin will be participating in this event.

The Poker Run is open to both men and women. To be eligible for a prize, participants must land at five airports.